What is lindy hop?

Lindy hop is a dance genre that comes under swing dancing category. Lindy hop was invented in early nineteen twenties in Harlem, New York. It was very popular entertainment event for both – dancers and spectators. There were a lot of musician who would play music live.

Lindy hop, unfortuantely, along with other swing danicng genres, died with World War II. However, there was lindy hop revival in late nineteen eighties. Within the next 20-30 years, it has become very popular entertainment activity around the world. Within the past five years, lindy hop community has grown exponentially – at least 3 times! It is most popular in London and Stockholm.

Lindy hop is very complement to solo jazz. There are so many jazz steps that one can integrate in his/her lindy hop. Essentially, lindy hop is partnered dance while jazz is solo. Therefore, you can always train your solo jazz and then integrate your fancy moves into lindy hop when you dance with a partner.

Lindy hop is not just a type of entertainment or physical activity for some, in fact, some people think that it is an actual lifestyle. There are so many lindy hop camps going on that it is really crazy. These camps are very popular all over Europe. There are at least two or more camps happening at the same weekend somewhere in Europe. Lindy hop camp consists of hardcore workshops accompanied by social dancing in the evening. Most of the time, they have live bands on which further makes camps truly amazing.

Lindy hop is also great for things like: losing weight, gaining stamina, fixing posture, socialising, having a good time or perhaps, finding someone special. The best thing about lindy hop is that it is partnered so people are “forced” to interact with opposite gender people. This only makes one overcome shyness. That is very good for gaining confidence.

After all, lindy hop is one of the best ways to spend your spare time and you gain so much in exchange. Lindy hop is set to grow, and grow, and grow … so if you have not heard much about it yet, you will hear a lot within the next few years!