Tips for Noncitizens of the US to apply for a new Social Security Card

The social security card can help you in a number of spheres. One of the major uses of your social security card is that it is mandatory for a number of different legal documents. Moreover, it can help you in the work sphere by recording your wages to ensure social security benefits. If you are wondering on how to get a new social security card, here are a few tips for Non-Citizens of the U.S that would help them ensure that the process of procuring a new card is smooth and glitch-free.

  • You need an official permission to work from the DHS or the Department of Homeland Security if you intend to use your social security card for work related purposes. The employee must produce the EAD or the work permit, I-766 from the DHS if he is a non-citizen in order to obtain a social security card.
  • For F-1 students, the student will need to provide a letter of identification from the authority at the educational institution that he is engaged in, as well as another from the employer stating the details of the work.
  • For J-1 students, an official letter from the sponsor must be provided for a social security card.
  • If a noncitizen does not have a work permit, there are only a few circumstances under which a social service card may be procured. These include-
    • Any federal law that requires the Social Security number to get any service or benefits.
    • State or local laws requiring the number for general assistance related benefits for which you qualify.
  • For other purposes like taxes, you can obtain a ITIN from the IRS. Other daily services do not generally require the Social Security Number.

Thus, with the proper knowledge, you can apply for a new Social security card without a formal citizenship.