Three Fashion Rules In Wearing A Kimono Outfit

The kimono outfit has seriously invaded the western fashion world. However, it goes in two different directions. First, you might look like a chic Italian model with the right kimono. Second, buy the wrong model and you will look like a try-hard wannabe. Obviously, you want to obtain the former. At this point, it is worth noting that kimonos are available in a couple of models – shoulder coverage and full coverage. How do you implement them accordingly? Simple!

Stay Away from Lace

Lace is a terrible addition to a kimono outfit, yet you will actually find these models around. Add too much lace and you will look like a housewife in a supermarket at 11PM. Simply put, it is in your interest to find a kimono that should never be taken as nightwear. Unfortunately, some women have no clue how to do it. But then, the secret is in the materials. Lace is terrible. So is silk. Instead, go for thick fabrics. Do not overlook the color either. Lose pink, nude and white. Choose a strong color if you truly want to make the difference.

Decide on the Optimal Strength

The length can make or break a deal in your kimono outfit. You will find all kinds of length – full, knee, waist and even cropped. Full length kimonos are not recommended to short ladies. In fact, you have to be quite tall to match this style. The style also depends on where you wear the kimono, not to mention what accessories you plan to get in. If you are not sure, opt for the safest choice – a bit above the waistline. It shows your thin waist, but it does not really affect the shape of silhouette.

Overdoing It – Bad Idea

If you are not perfectly sure about the right kimono outfit, opt for a middle choice. Skip loud and colorful prints and find a block color model. Printed styles might work wonders, indeed, but you need to match them with a neutral appearance, so any other accessory or element should be clear. The kimono outfit itself is pretty busy, so mix it accordingly.