How to Optimize WordPress Articles for Good SEO

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular CMS or “content management system” out there and the one used by most bloggers and content writers. That being said, there is a skill to optimizing WordPress articles for good SEO and it doesn’t always require an SEO NY company.

Well, how do you optimize WordPress articles for good SEO?

Post Title and Meta Title

To start with, you need to understand that your post title and meta title are both different things. The post title is what your reader will see at the top of the post on your blog and how it will generally appear on your site. On the other hand, a meta title is what search engines will see and what will appear on search engine listings.

A meta title needs to be kept under 66 characters and needs to be specified in the SEO section on WordPress, otherwise it will just use your post title.

Meta Description

A meta description is similar to the aforementioned meta title and is basically how you sell a post to a search engine.This description is limited to 156 characters and must include what you want search engine users to see about the post and how you’re going to entice them in. Without a specified meta description, Google will happily use a random segment of the article.

It’s a wise idea to include keywords that you want Google to pick up on in this description – it provides a great way to communicate with a search engine.

Image Alt Attribute

When you include an image in WordPress, it will ask for an Image Alt Attribute. This is basically replacement text for an image and what Google will see instead of that image. For that reason, it’s important that this text is relevant to the post and something Google can understand. As Google can’t see the image, it will need to determine how relevant the image is based on this text.

In all, WordPress can be a fantastic tool for posting content, but it needs to work properly with SEO in order for content to be successfully promoted on search engines. Next time you’re making a WordPress post, make sure you pay attention to those SEO settings.